Flour (Fairy Brand) 25KG 面粉 (天仙)

Flour (Fairy Brand) 25KG 面粉 (天仙)

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Flour (Fairy Brand) 25KG 面粉 (天仙) 

1Box x 25KG


Superior Grade Flour 特级面粉


Best used for Hong Kong type steamed buns ( bao ) 适合制作港式包子


Outstanding Features 显着特性:

*Fine soft flour with easy dough handling properties 面团易于搓揉

*Snow white steamed buns that opens up nicely 美丽开口的雪白包子

*Soft and fluffy texture for delicate mouthfeel 质感松软, 口感级佳


Protein 蛋白质 7.2% - 8.2%

Ash 灰分 0.38% max

Wet Gluten 湿面筋 19.0% - 25.0%