Free Gift 2013

For package purchases with amounts total to the following amount in a single transaction, the list of free gifts are as follows.*

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Mineral Water (Ice Mountain)
1Ctn x 500ml x 24Btl


Mix Package Drink (Yeo’s)
1Ctn x 24Pkt x 250ml


1Ctn x 24Can x 325ml


a)Sandwich Maker Cornell CSt-2304 x 1no


b)Café Aroma Coffee Maker Oceano OCM-116 x 1no


Red Wine Jacob’s Creek (1Btl x 750ml)(13.5%Alc/Vol x 1btl


Iona Blender with Mill GL-718 x 1no


a) Electric oven Mistral-MO.90D x 1no


b) Red Wine Bin 888 (1Btl x 750ml)(14.3%Alc) x 1btl


a) Electric Cooking Plate Oceano OHP-102 x 1no


b) Thermo Pot Oceano OTP-48E (4.2L) x 1no


Abalone(New Moon)(1Can x 425g)


Rice Cooker Sona SRC 2032 (2.8L) x 1no


Tiger Beer (1Ctn x 24Can x 323Ml)


Automatic Electric Kettle Toyomi SK-45


Induction Heater Toyomi IH09V03


Martell VSOP (1Btl x 70cle) (40%vol)

*We reserve the rights to replace any item in this list.