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Package LS5

At only $18.80, Package LS5 comes with the following items.

List of Items in Package

1 Dragon Fruit Fwr Rice 龍珠果香米 500G-PKT
2 Fine Sugar 幼糖 500G-PKT
3 Salt (Eagle Brand) 洁白食盐 1Pkt X 250g
4 Royal Cook Veg. Oil 菜油 1Btl x 500ml
5 Longan in Syrup (Hand/KC/GC) 龙眼 (手标/KC/GC) 1Can x 565g
6 Baked Bean (TC BOY) 茄汁豆 1Can X 425g
7 Bee Hoon (Chilli Brand) 人民米粉 1Pkt X 400G
8 Coke (500ml) 可口可乐 (瓶) 1Btl X 500ml
9 Fruit Plus Chewy Candy 软糖 1Pkt x 150g
10 Roasted Peanut (Farmer Brand) 正万里望花生(味香园) 1Pkt X 120g
11 Mushroom Button (Whole)-Narcis/Statue/Kc 蘑菇 (整粒)-水仙/企人/Kc 1Can X 425G
12 Roller Coaster -Cheese Flavor (Jack’n   Jill) 1Pkt x 70g
13 Myojo Vegetarian Mushroom 冬菇素食面 (明星) 1Pkt X 5Pcs X 85g
14 Coffee 3In1Mix Inst (Goldkili) 金麒麟三合一即溶咖啡 1Pkt X 30S X18G
15 Oval Bag 购物袋 1Pc
16 Packaging & Material 包 装 与 材 料 1 SET

Upgrades Available

Choose between 3 different upgrade options

  • Golden Oval bag ( add $1.00  )
  • 4Gal Red Pail ( add $1.20  )
  • Shopping Handy basket no.328 ( add $1.50 )

*All upgrades exchanges original packaging to the selected packaging.

Add Ons

Choose to add Apples, Oranges and Sugar Canes to your Package. The prices are as follow:

  • Orange @ $0.50 per pc
  • Apple @ $0.50 per pc
  • Sugar Cane @ $0.85 per ft (+/-)
Order Package LS5 Package LS5 @ S$18.80